U.S. Congressional Idiots Pass Baseless Sanctions Against Russia »

Sanctions Usually Don’t Work First of all, in needs to be understood that, in general, sanctions hurt the people of the targeted country, not the country itself, and in this case, certainly not any leaders such as Putin.  In fact, in many cases, sanctions serve to strengthen the targeted country, such as the strengthening ties between […]

Democrats vs. Republicans: Venn Diagram of Common Policy »

Russia-gate is a Neoliberal Lie That will Destroy the World »

By James Wilson And now our politicos want Sessions to resign because he met with a Russian ambassador. How dare he! A Russian! “The hysteria over “Russia-gate” continues to grow – as President Trump’s enemies circle – but at its core there may be no there there while it risks pushing the world toward nuclear […]

On Climate Action, Bernie Stands Alone »

We can discount the entire gaggle of Republican candidates right off the bat.  Trump puts it this way: TRUMP:  “I believe it goes up and it goes down.  So I am not a believer, and I will, unless somebody can prove something to me, I believe there’s weather.” Ted Cruz has this to say: “Climate […]

Conservatives Take Orders From Their Left Brain »

By James Wilson A study conducted recently and published by Neuro-politics.com, suggests that conservatives are left brain dominant, while liberals are right brain dominant.  I’ve provided some of the summary for this study below: A self-assessment Internet survey was conducted by Brack and Zhang on Neuro-politics.com. The survey collected 490 questionnaires, which were subsequently cleansed […]