People of Venezuela; U.S. Government is ‘Concerned’ About You. Run for your Lives! »

I watched the White House press conference on 7/31/2017, regarding sanctions on Venezuela. OMG, they don’t even bother to get creative anymore when lying to the public. Of course our government is horrified about Maduro’s shameful conduct, and the U.S. is only interested in “helping the people of Venezuela”. Yea, right. I wonder if something […]

U.S. Congressional Idiots Pass Baseless Sanctions Against Russia »

Sanctions Usually Don’t Work First of all, in needs to be understood that, in general, sanctions hurt the people of the targeted country, not the country itself, and in this case, certainly not any leaders such as Putin. Ā In fact, in many cases, sanctions serve to strengthen the targeted country, such as theĀ strengthening ties between […]