Sports Technology: Communication is Everything »

Are you coaching a little-league baseball team, and the batter, due to the 1000’s of fans roaring in the stands, can’t hear your instruction to “bunt” because your player is encased in protective head-gear? We have just the technology for you (that is, if your team is well funded and can afford gear designed for, […]

Technology From Norway Listens to the People »

Did you know that gas prices in Norway are $10/gallon, and a beer costs $14/pint? But, they have an incredible health-care system (free), and going to a major university costs as little as $60/year. No wonder they are so educated over there, and leaders in cutting-edge technology. (BTW: Norwegian politics give a whole new definition […]

5K EPIC camera from RED »

This 5K camera has a full frame S35mm Mysterium X sensor matching 35mm film resolution. The RED 5K EPIC tops out at 100 FPS, features HD-SDI, 2-XLR inputs, HDMI, FireWire 800 and USB 2.0. Like the Scarlet you can also control it using WiFi. Owners of the RED ONE will be happy to know that […]

Red announces Scarlet mini 3K camcorder »

Red announced its smallest camera yet 3K Scarlet. This teeny camera has a 3K resolution and is based on a 2/3″  Mysterium X sensor, capable of 1 to 120 frames per second and records to dual CompactFlash cards supporting up to 100MB per second of REDCODE RAW HD video. It features a 4.8″ LCD, 8x […]

Panasonic releases pricing on the AG-HMC150 »

This camera is the newest in the family of AVCCAM line cameras and is capable of 1280 x 720 and 1440 x 1080 recording using the MPEG-4 AVC / H.264 codecs. You will also find native 16:9 1/3″ 3CCD imagers, and has a digital signal processor with a 14-bit A /D conversion and 19-bit processing. […]

Sony brings OLED viewfinder to Pro HD Cameras »

Sony is unveiling its first color professional camera viewfinder using Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) Technology. The HDVF-EL100 is an 11 inch display and is Sony’s first non-consumer application of an OLED panel. Consumer OLED displays were introduced in January, and continue to generate strong demand. “High-definition acquisition requires extremely precise focusing, allowing the operator […]

JVC GY-HD200 gets 1080/50i and 60i output »

JVC announced a new feature for the GY-HD200 by adding 1080/50i and 1080/60i output though the FireWire connection. The 1080i footage is not recorded to tape, but when combined with a hard disk recorder such as the DR-HD100 you will be able to capture in 720P or 1080i in native QuickTime or M2T files. The […]

New Panasonic AG-HPX170 P2 Pro Camcorder »

Panasonic announced another new camera today at NAB 2008, the AG-HPX170 P2. The new camera records exclusively to solid state P2 cards, now available with capacities up to 64GB. The AG-HPX170 can record in up to twenty different formats, 1080i and 720P HD and SD in DVCPRO HD, 480i, DVCPRO 50, DVCPRO and 480i in […]

New Focus FS-5 Revealed »

Focus Enhancements today announced that it will showcase its new, ultra-portable FS-5 Direct To Edit (DTE) recorder at NAB 2008. The FS-5 is designed to be used with many popular HDV and DV cameras. However, it features a 50% weight reduction and a 60% reduction in size compared to the FS-4. It also features a […]

Toshiba’s IK-HD1 is world’s smallest HDTV Camera »

Toshiba imaging’s IK-HD1 3CCD HDTV Camera is the worlds smallest HD camera head, at only 1.6 inches square and 2.3 ounces. It may be small but it sure packs a punch with it’s native 1920 x 1080 sensor capable of 1080i at 30fps. The camera features a 1/3″ 3CCD design so were not too sure […]