Hydrogen Powered Vehicles »

It’s hard to escape coming across the name “Stan Meyers” when researching this technology. Stan Meyers began making news in the early 1990’s, having claimed a major breakthrough in Hydrogen power. In fact, he attracted the attention of the Pentagon with his breakthrough (their interes: “Star Wars” and tanks. Oh well, whatever it takes to […]

BioFuels a Disaster? »

BioFuel Now Competes Directly with Worlds Food Supply Are you wondering why your grocery dollars aren’t stretching quite as far? In Mexico City, a barely publicized riot, called “The Tortilla Riots”, break out in protest of escalating corn prices (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/6319093.stm) and sharply rising flour prices destabilize Pakistan. In Sudan, a grocer that supplies the countries […]