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Technology From Norway Listens to the People »

Did you know that gas prices in Norway are $10/gallon, and a beer costs $14/pint? But, they have an incredible health-care system (free), and going to a major university costs as little as $60/year. No wonder they are so educated over there, and leaders in cutting-edge technology. (BTW: Norwegian politics give a whole new definition […]

Beta of XP update made public »

Microsoft on Tuesday said it will make publicly available a beta version of Windows XP Service Pack 3. But, like a car salesman pitching the new Corvette over the old jalopy, Microsoft argued that a switch to Vista is the better move. “While Windows Vista provides the most advanced security and management capabilities of any […]

A Boot Camp Odyssey »

So for my 21st birthday my parents bought me a MacBook Pro, After a few days playing with OSX i found myself playing with the Boot Camp Assistant so i can play Team Fortress 2. I have installed windows at least 40-50 times on all different types of hardware and software configurations, so i thought […]

Akismet stops comment spam »

After the KillaCycle video went live my blog was receiving tons more spam then before, it got to the point that i even turned off comments until i could work on getting a system implemented to block the spam. With a search on Google it turns out that there was already a Free service that […]