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U.S. Sanctions Venezuela Because It ‘Cares’ About Their Citizens. Run for Your Life! »

“I’d rather have a known enemy than one disguised as an ally.” The good people of Venezuela should be very concerned about our “concern”. We recently became “concerned” about the citizens of Syria. Thousands of innocents have died as a result of our concern [oil rich country, 400,000+ dead] . Before that, we became concerned […]

People of Venezuela; U.S. Government is ‘Concerned’ About You. Run for your Lives! »

I watched the White House press conference on 7/31/2017, regarding sanctions on Venezuela. OMG, they don’t even bother to get creative anymore when lying to the public. Of course our government is horrified about Maduro’s shameful conduct, and the U.S. is only interested in “helping the people of Venezuela”. Yea, right. I wonder if something […]

Russia-gate is a Neoliberal Lie That will Destroy the World »

By James Wilson And now our politicos want Sessions to resign because he met with a Russian ambassador. How dare he! A Russian! “The hysteria over “Russia-gate” continues to grow – as President Trump’s enemies circle – but at its core there may be no there there while it risks pushing the world toward nuclear […]

Black Lives Matter: A Platform for Systemic Change »

The Tom Hartmann Program recently wrote this in an Op-Ed: The Progressive Change Institute recently asked likely 2016 voters about their views on a bunch of big issues, and it turns out that everyday citizens overwhelmingly support some of the most liberal policies around. 71 percent of the US public supports giving all students access […]

Just Light Your Tax Dollars on Fire »

by James Wilson The Los Angeles Times today had several front page articles that struck me as oddly related.  The first reads “Health Law to Return to High Court”.  The second major story is titled “U.S. to Double Force Aiding Iraqis”. Evidently a conservative group called The Competitive Enterprise Institute has challenged what amounts to […]

Conservatives Take Orders From Their Left Brain »

By James Wilson A study conducted recently and published by, suggests that conservatives are left brain dominant, while liberals are right brain dominant.  I’ve provided some of the summary for this study below: A self-assessment Internet survey was conducted by Brack and Zhang on The survey collected 490 questionnaires, which were subsequently cleansed […]