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The Democratic Party’s McResistance is a Joke »

By James Wilson

Obama and the American People Enter Hell »

By James Wilson

Republicans and Democrats Join Hands for Endless War »

By James Wilson

Hitler’s Germany and West’s Neoliberal Agenda Much the Same »

By James Wilson

The War-Monger Faction of Deep State has infinitely more control over Trump than the Russians ever could. »

By James Wilson

Democrats vs. Republicans: Venn Diagram of Common Policy »

Protected: The Liberation Manifesto »

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Russia-gate is a Neoliberal Lie That will Destroy the World »

By James Wilson And now our politicos want Sessions to resign because he met with a Russian ambassador. How dare he! A Russian! “The hysteria over “Russia-gate” continues to grow – as President Trump’s enemies circle – but at its core there may be no there there while it risks pushing the world toward nuclear […]

Petro-Dollars: Why the U.S. Must Keep the World Hooked on Oil »

By James Wilson Our reason for being in Syria has nothing to do with “humanitarian” efforts, or Russian “aggression”, or spreading the shining light of democracy throughout the world. It’s the usual suspect; OIL. In 1971, Nixon detached the dollar from the gold standard, and in order to keep the dollar from collapsing, they effectively […]

Visual Device Thought to Slow Aging »

Slow Down Your Inner-Clock & Slow Aging!  While surfing the web (Google of course) we came across this interesting YouTube video.  Based on a clinical study at Nova University, it suggests that the aging process can be slowed down simply by watching this video several times a week. We contacted the video’s author, and asked […]