Max Wilson – Technical Director, Videographer

Max Wilson is a self taught Videographer and Web Developer. He has been involved with TG Daily for one year and previously was with Tom’s Hardware for 2 years. Currently his interests include all aspects of film and video production, set design and construction, nature photography and traveling. He currently shoots with Panasonic DVX100b and JVC GY-HD110u cameras.

James Wilson – Senior Editor, Senior Web Developer

Jim has spent many years (more than he cares to admit) as a computer
programmer, analyst, and manager, delivering enterprise software solutions
to federal government and corporations (USDA/HP/Northrop/Coca Cola). Now,
Jim has decided to focus his attention on the next revolution: video on the
web. He has always been considered a good writer (technical proposals,
grants, and even humorous fiction), and brings solid business and
programming experience to techimoto’s website. He provides technomoto with
product reviews, an occasional editorial/blog, and authored a gaggle of the
backend programs that make techimoto’s behind-the-scene wheels turn. In
whatever time he has left in the day, he enjoys music and composition. His
accomplishments in that realm can be reviewed at www.soundtracks.9xnet.com.