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U.S. Congressional Idiots Pass Baseless Sanctions Against Russia

Sanctions Usually Don’t Work

First of all, in needs to be understood that, in general, sanctions hurt the people of the targeted country, not the country itself, and in this case, certainly not any leaders such as Putin.  In fact, in many cases, sanctions serve to strengthen the targeted country, such as the strengthening ties between Russia and China, and result in weakening U.S.’s global influence. (also HERE).

“These sanctions have nothing to do with Crimea or hacking.  They have to do with oil, money, and geopolitical power.”

201228“Economic sanctions are increasingly being used to promote the full range of American foreign policy objectives. Yet all too often sanctions turn out to be little more than expressions of U.S. preferences that hurt American economic interests without changing the target’s behavior for the better. As a rule, sanctions need to be less unilateral and more focused on the problem at hand. Congress and the executive branch need to institute far more rigorous oversight of sanctions, both prior to adopting them and regularly thereafter, to ensure that the expected benefits outweigh likely costs and that sanctions accomplish more than alternative foreign policy tools.”  

Brookings Institute

This is based on the assumption that sanctions do not take a toll on human life, but empirical evidence suggests otherwise. In fact, the civilian death toll of the Iraq war from 2003 to 2011, has been estimated as high as 450,000, is less than the death toll attributed to the sanctions regime between 1990 and 2000, which has been estimated at about 500,000 deaths in children under five.

New York Times

A majority of the clueless in the U.S. Congress just ripped another hole in the fabric of logic and reason – AGAIN.  Do these people do their homework?  Can the even read?  One has to wonder.

However, let’s make a leap of faith, and assume that, for the most part, our elected officials aren’t stupid. So what is the reason for these sanctions?   Once again, follow the money! (and remember, it’s Exxon and the War Profiteers that contribute plenty into Congress-persons campaign coffers).
“The new round of sanctions has been driven by the United States Congress, which is intent on punishing Russia for its meddling in last year’s presidential election. The House overwhelmingly approved sanctions legislation on Tuesday afternoon. Bipartisan support in Congress for the new sanctions is so strong that the White House has suggested that President Trump will sign the bill that emerges.

But the new sanctions have important implications for Europe because they target any company that contributes to the development, maintenance or modernization of Russia’s energy export pipelines.

That would almost surely affect a controversial pipeline project between Russia and Germany known as Nord Stream 2, which is owned by Gazprombut includes financial stakes from European companies. The project aims to carry Russian natural gas under the Baltic Sea, bypassing countries like Ukraine, Poland and the Baltic States.”

New York Times 

Sanction Against Ukraine as Officially Defined

(1) Against Ukraine: Executive Order 13661issued on March 17, 2014, under the national emergency with respect to Ukraine that find that the actions and policies of the Russian government with respect to Ukraine -– including through the deployment of Russian military forces in the Crimea region of Ukraine –- undermine democratic processes and institutions in Ukraine; threaten its peace, security, stability, sovereignty, and territorial integrity; and contribute to the misappropriation of its assets.

How This is Wrong

Russian interference in Crimea only portrays the Western version of the story, largely disputed by Crimean and Russian journalists, many of whom contend that Crimean officials invited Russia into the country to counteract the U.S. installed Ukranian puppet government.    Regardless, Crimea WANTS to be part of Russia, not Ukraine.

“The reality is that, after two decades of eastward Nato expansion, this crisis was triggered by the west’s attempt to pull Ukraine decisively into its orbit and defence structure, via an explicitly anti-Moscow EU association agreement. Its rejection led to the Maidan protests and the installation of an anti-Russian administration – rejected by half the country – that went on to sign the EU and International Monetary Fund agreements regardless.

No Russian government could have acquiesced in such a threat from territory that was at the heart of both Russia and the Soviet Union. Putin’s absorption of Crimea and support for the rebellion in eastern Ukraine is clearly defensive, and the red line now drawn: the east of Ukraine, at least, is not going to be swallowed up by Nato or the EU.”

The Guardian

“The forbidden truth is that the West has engineered –through a carefully staged covert operation– the formation of a proxy regime [ in Ukraine ] integrated by Neo-Nazis.

Global Research

(2) Against Russia As Officially Defined

Against Russia: June 14, 2017 the Senate overwhelmingly approved a bill that would fortify existing sanctions on Russia and add new restrictions. If the bill becomes law, it would mark the most significant step taken by Congress on Russia policy in recent history. Though not perfect, the bill would substantially strengthen the West’s negotiating position vis-à-vis Russia on the conflict in Ukraine and send a strong message to Moscow that efforts to undermine US elections carry costly consequences.

How This is Wrong

Re Ukraine, see discussion above.  In regards to “Moscow efforts to undermine US election”, the government has zero proof of this, which has been admitted by the likes of James Comey and Clapper over and over again (see video).

And in regards to “hacking” the DNC computers specifically, the Intel Vets have just released an in-depth technical analysis largely debunking any Russian involvement, and, in fact, have evidence that suggests the DNC planted evidence to make it look like the hack came from Russia (lovely folks).

The REAL Reason Behind These Sanctions

It has nothing to do with Crimea or “hacking”.  It has to do with oil, money, and geopolitical power.

The official reasons, as demonstrated above, do not hold water.  So why the sanctions?  U.S. needs to keep it’s dominant position in the world of oil, and maintain support for its currency via the petro-dollar.  You can read more on this in my article: “Syria, Oil, and Why The U.S. Will Do Nothing About Climate Change” .

(And of course there is the AiPAC lobby, Netanyahu, and Israel, but that’s another story).

And probably first and foremost, Congress needs to keep those big buck donations rolling in from the likes of Exxon and their ilk,  once again proving that the U.S. is not a democracy, it is an oligarchy.

by James Wilson




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