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Visual Device Thought to Slow Aging

Slow Down Your Inner-Clock & Slow Aging!  While surfing the Design-Prototypeweb (Google of course) we came across this interesting YouTube video.  Based on a clinical study at Nova University, it suggests that the aging process can be slowed down simply by watching this video several times a week.

We contacted the video’s author, and asked a few questions.  The author, James Wilson, an inventor, software engineer, and musician, said he put this device together originally as a tool for music analysis, but, after repeated viewing, found that it had a very noticeable psychological effect as well; a kind of “buzz” as he put it.

One thing led to another, and it ended up as the key ingredient to a biofeedback study conducted at Nova University with noted bio-feedback pioneer Dr. Joe Kamiya as part of the research team.

The study implies that the device in addition to right hemisphere activation, reduces stress, but also might be slowing down our “biological clock”; i.e., slowing down our sense of time and hence our aging process.

Mr. Wilson feels that the effects are much stronger when seated in front of the device, listening to some soothing music.  But, the video is available to everyone, and it’s free!

Here is a link to the video.

Try it, and judge for yourself.  You will need to invest 6 minutes of your time twice a week.  Expect results within 3 to 4 weeks.  You will enjoy the music by Mozart regardless.

The full Nova University research paper can be accessed HERE:




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