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Boeing Loses Jobs to France

I’ve flown in the Airbus A321neo, and I have to say, it is a sweet ride; wider seats, a markedly wider aisle for faster boarding and easier cabin movement, a quiet ride, and more overhead storage.  Most also feature amenities such as 8.9-inch HD-capable touchscreen monitors, AC outlets for you laptop, and WiFi.

American-Airlines’-New-A321-Planes--610x343And Airbus  is eating Boeing’s lunch.

“We will start reducing employment levels beginning with executives and managers first,” said company spokesman Doug Alder. “We will also use attrition and voluntary layoffs. As a last resort, involuntary layoffs may be necessary.”

“The overall employment impact will depend on how effectively we bring down costs as a whole,” Alder added.

At the start of 2016, Boeing employment in Washington stood at 79,238, out of a company wide total of 161,368. That’s down almost 7,800 jobs from the most recent Washington employment peak, in fall 2012, of 87,023.

Here’s a thought:  Maybe Boeing management has gotten too used to getting fat contracts from DoD that could care less about efficiency, certainly with little concern for comfort, and an easy bidding process that gives you money for just existing (a game goes on inside DoD; it’s called “Who’s Turn Is It”.  They make sure everyone gets a piece of the pie, rotating somewhat equitably between Northrop, Boeing, and Lockheed.  If they haven’t given you a contract for awhile, it’s your turn regardless of quality, price,  or competence!).

A lot of congressional support goes to the DoD because they “create jobs”.  But are they indirectly causing as much harm as they are doing good?  Money is flying out of our country to France, Germany, Spain, China and the United Kingdom.  Has Boeing lost it’s competitive know-how?  Gotta wonder.

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