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UNDREAMED – A new CD from Shrink Wrap (a review)

Here’s something different:  DJs that are also talented performers.  The Wilson Brothers (collectively known as Shrink Wrap), have successfully created a rare blend of Electronic Music with acoustic instruments and vocals.

UnDreaCD-Cover-no-barcodemed offers 11 tracks of sonic space that manifests a rare sense of beauty (especially within electronic music), yet simultaneously contains a haunting and somewhat disturbing undercurrent of existential tension and unease.  Each track seem to tell a story that one often encounters in contemporary literature; we exist in a world full of beauty, yet behind this beauty lies an elusive, unearthly yearning that cannot be described or reconciled (German artists, poets and philosophers do have a word for it; “sehnsucht” – “an individual’s search for happiness while coping with the reality of unattainable wishes”.  It is often described as a deep emotional experience that is both positive and negative at the same time).

In general, the majority of tracks best fit into the “ambient music” genre.  However, the abstract interjection of acoustic instruments into the mix, such as sax, flute, and percussion, has parallels to “Fourth World” music – a term coined by composer/trumpeter Jon Hassell to describe his own musical style – “minimalism with Asian and African styles while using both acoustic and electronic instruments”.   All of these elements are contained within this new CD from Shrink Wrap.

You can listen to, and download each track at their CD Baby webpage:

Physical CDs are available at

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