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Just Light Your Tax Dollars on Fire

by James Wilson

080319_iraq_troopsThe Los Angeles Times today had several front page articles that struck me as oddly related.  The first reads “Health Law to Return to High Court”.  The second major story is titled “U.S. to Double Force Aiding Iraqis”.

Evidently a conservative group called The Competitive Enterprise Institute has challenged what amounts to 5 words out of the 10,535 pages of Obamacare regulations (approximately 11,588,500 words).  The Supreme Court will hear the case.  In effect, the 5 words under consideration (most likely an oversight or even perhaps a clerical error), states that subsidies  are available only to policies bought on a state exchange.

Two thirds of the states opted to utilize a federal exchange.  Nearly 5 million people have purchased subsidized insurance in states using the federal exchange.  If the Supreme Court votes in favor of the challenge, which would mean that the highest court in the country would, in effect, be enforcing the letter of the law, and not it’s intent, then a major underpinning of the law would be ripped asunder and likely cause the whole thing to collapse.

Given the current lineup in the Supreme Court, odds are quite high they will move to destroy the law.

The other story discusses a recent Obama Administration decision to send as many as 1,500 troops to Iraq, costing us tax payers as much as $5.6 billion dollars.  This is just a short term budget of course, since this move also deepens our commitment to fight the Islamic State.    These reinforcements would bring the  total U.S. force in Iraq to 3,100.  Evidently these troops would not be allowed to engage in combat, therefore they are not technically considered “boots on the ground”.  Yea, right.

The government giveth, the government taketh away.  Obamacare, although certainly not perfect (I personally believe that a single-payer system is the only sustainable option).  However Obamacare is a start.  It has allowed 10.3 million people to get insurance that were previously uncovered.

But hey, why should our tax dollars be used for something that directly benefits the public (and us tax payers), when it can be used to blow up people, buildings, and assets in some distant land.

War, war, give us some more,money-on-fire

That’s what our tax dollars are really for

For our society, and probably for the world, we’d all be better off taking our IRS tax dollars out to the front curb and lighting them on fire.





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  1. Kirmizi | Dec 17, 2015 | Reply

    I had no idea all of those things were ienludcd in the income tax. I especially find it interesting that a single person, with a lower wage and no children, has to more than a person who makes a higher income. Granted the higher income option had children in the equation, but still. Crazy I would be spending more in taxes than a family. Interesting little evaluation tool.

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  5. | Apr 30, 2016 | Reply

    Oh heck, call me old-fashioned. I hate them! They also say that “forwards,” “backwards” and “towards” are words. I refute the practice, it is sending us backward to the dark ages…

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