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Sunset time lapse – Mendocino County »

This was shoot in Sept 07 in Mendocino County, shoot with a Panasonic DVX100B 24Pa and has a TRT 32 minutes.

Killacycle video traffic »

Since the Killacycle video went up the amount of plays that it has had is just amazing, I was doing the math and it added up to about 500,000 plays on TG Daily in the first 48 hours. You tube has combined about 300,000 plays, and on my site i have had about 50,000 plays. […]

Urban Challenge Event winners announced! »

DARPA has accounced the winners of the 2007 Urban Challenge, The robots had to complete the 60 mile course in less then 6 hours. But they also had to obey all California traffic laws, The bot with the least traffic infractions and the best time wins. DARPA made it clear that the first bot to […]

11 teams for Urban Challenge Finals »

11 teams made the finals at the DARPA Urban Challenge, Originally 20 teams would have run the course on Nov 3rd but DARPA Officials where concerned with bots taking out other bots. The 11 teas to make the finals are: Victor Tango CarOLO Ben Franklin Racing Team Team Cornell Stanford Racing Team Tartan Racing MIT […]