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iPhone from Paper to Reality

Yes this is old news but i still think its cool, When the iPhone first came out i looked at the photos and videos i thought to myself that the thing was just overpriced and would be buggy. Normally i don’t get new devices when they first come out mainly because i don’t like to change that often, or the case with XP vs Vista where vista is buggy.

I did not plan to buy a iPhone when it first came out but i was at the Apple store in The Grove, LA California filming the release, after about half the line was let into the store we where finally let in to film and to play with the new iPhone. While our reporter was scripting her next shoot i had a chance to play with the shiny new iPhone, the second i picked it up i knew i wanted one but it was just too expensive. So for the fun of it i found this cool site where they have made a template to print out your own 3D iPhone.

paper iPhone

So i printed it out and had some fun with it for about a day, then i decided to sell a bunch of my old stuff that was just laying around. In a matter of a week i was able to buy my own shiny new 8GB iPhone, i was very excited because i was still using my old Motorola V3 that’s 2 years old and only would hold a charge for 1 day.

I have always wanted to upgrade to a smart phone but i just did not like the current offerings, and the fact that they crammed QWERTY keyboards with tiny keys. So the iPhone has been the first new gadget that i actually got within the same week it was released. So far i love it, being able to be in constant contact by email, have my tunes, and i actually have started to text message.

Now i just cant wait to start hacking it and really put this phone to good use.

You can download the PDF template here to create your own paper iPhone.

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  1. daisy | Mar 10, 2008 | Reply

    great article i love the paper iphone its mint i may print it and have some fun i should be getting one soon am very excited

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