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Killacycle creator injured by his creation »

Los Angeles (CA) – The inventor of the “KillaCycle” electric motorcycle almost killed himself during a demonstration at the Wired NextFest conference. Bill Dube, a government scientist during the day and electric bike builder at night, did a “burn out” in front of the Los Angeles Convention Center, but accidentally accelerated too much and crashed […]

Karate school robbery leaves thief hospitalized »

A feckless stick-up man chose the wrong target when he was beaten and hospitalized in an attempted robbery of a karate school in Bucaramanga in northwestern Colombia, police said. “The man entered the academy with a firearm, but could not intimidate the dozens of students, who fortunately reacted and disarmed him,” said Colonel Julio Cesar […]

One million iPhone’s sold »

“One million iPhones in 74 days — it took almost two years to achieve this milestone with iPod.” These were the words of Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, who was very please to announce that iPhone sold 1,000,000 in nearly 3 months.This is a great milestone for Apple and hopefully, the iPod Touch will sell […]

iPhone Rebate – Updated »

Apple announced that they will be giving back $100 store credit back to every iPhone customer who purchased an iPhone from either Apple or AT&T. Apple has not yet posted the details of this offer and they say more information will be posted on there website later this week. This stirs up a few questions, […]

iPhone from Paper to Reality »

Yes this is old news but i still think its cool, When the iPhone first came out i looked at the photos and videos i thought to myself that the thing was just overpriced and would be buggy. Normally i don’t get new devices when they first come out mainly because i don’t like to […]

San Fransisco citywide WiFi projects a dream? »

In the past few years, covering cities with WiFi signals has been viewed as a cheap solution for bringing affordable and free broadband access to cities. Earthlink and Google have teamed up to blanket San Fransisco with WiFi, but just last week Earthlink announced a massive restructuring cutting 900 jobs, or nearly half of the […]

New Apple surprise? »

Later this week at the Moscone Center in San Francisco Apple is expected to make an announcement of well, they haven’t said. Though it is rumored that they have two new products in the works. One would be a iPod with WiFi and touch screen like the screen found on the iPhone; the other would […]

India launches communications satellite »

India launched into orbit a rocket carrying a replacement satellite that was destroyed last year, competing for global satellite launch business. The 49-metre (1,481-feet) rocket carrying the Insat-4CR satellite blasted off from the Sriharikota space station in southern India at 6:21 pm (1251 GMT) after a two-hour delay due to a technical glitch. “It was […]

Interact-TV unveals MediaPool 3.75TB of media storage »

Media buffs will love Interact-TV’s MediaPool with 3.75 Terabytes of data storage, there is room for 750 DVDs or thousands of CDs and recorded shows. Disk space is upgradeable up to 5 TB in raid 10 configuration redundant media storage that is safe and simple to manage. Read More

Smallest Supercomputer »

Up until now supercomputers have been big racks full of servers, this Calvin College student and a Professor duo have created an portable, inexpensive supercomputer capable of crunching gigantic chunks of data from anywhere. Microwulf has been measured to process 26.25 gigaflops (26.25 billion double-precision floating point instructions) per second. This performance is archived by […]