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Realistic Blood Splatter

73482832.jpgThis is a simple tutorial on creating a realistic blood splatter effect.

First create a new document with a canvas size of 500*500 pixels (feel free to use other sizes, I just find 500*500 easy to work with).

Rename Layer1 to ‘Splatter’

We will generate some clouds by going to Filter -> Render -> Clouds

Next, go to Filter -> Render -> Fibres (this option may not be available to versions prior to CS). Apply the fibres filter with the following settings.

Now go to Image -> Adjustments -> Brightness and Contrast. Apply with the following settings.

Create a new layer called ‘Color’, place it above ‘Splatter’.

This layer will manage the colour of the blood splatter. I used #6A0303. Use the Paint Bucket tool to fill the entire layer with that colour.

Create another layer, call it ‘Background’, and place it above ‘Color’

Hide every layer except ‘Background’

Find your Gradient Tool (hidden underneath the Paint Bucket Tool) and set your gradient tool to Black and White. Drag the gradient from down to up. You may want to start a bit below the canvas.

After applying the gradient your layer should look like this.

You’re almost done. Make every layer visible.

Go back to layer ‘Colour’ and change the blending style to Screen.

Then finally, on layer ‘Background’, change the blending option to Darken.

The finished product should look something like this.

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