Archive for August, 2005

Moving Car »

Learn how to take a non moving car and make it look like it is moving.

Advanced Multicolor »

This will be an easy tutorial, i will explain how to make a cool multicolor effect.

Retro Background »

Learn how to make this retro style background. Using this simple tutorial.

CounterStrike Sig »

This tutorial is about how to make a signature. The main theme here is about Counter-Strike but it works perfectly for any other game or theme as long as you can get a picture or two on it. It will show you how to basically make an all-around nice signature, with a border, and a […]

Button »

This is a button tutorial on how to make a cool clan Website style line of buttons, like the ones that you see on professional counter-strike clan website, or other such gaming sites. this tutorial was made in Photoshop CS2 but will also work with other versions.

grunge contentbox »

This tutorial will teach you how to create the grunge content boxes you see on a lot of gaming sites. You are going to use the basics of the Pen tool and advanced brush settings.