Archive for December, 2004

Soft Blue Plastic Text »

Create a soft cool blue plastic text effect.

A Printer Printing Paper »

Put your business logo on paper thats being printed.

Touch up them imports »

Learn how to touch up rims, headlights, grills, add color and window tint.

Web Page Layout »

Learn the basics of creating a template and then learn how to slice it and put it in dreamweaver.

Cold Effect »

Create this nice cold filter effect.

Linkin Park Text »

Create a Linkin Park look alike text effect in this tutorial.

Corporate Text »

Make a nice corporate pro blue text.

Cool 3D Button »

Make a 3D button in a few simple steps.

Abstract Art »

Create an abstract effect that looks like an eye when completed.

Scattered Lines »

Create a scattered sharp line effect on your canvas.